Belkas Sakleb

He hears voices but they're quite nice to him.


Belkas has always been able to have stimulating conversations with the animals he’s killed since he can remember. He stopped trying to bring it up awhile ago because his tribe thought he was crazy and he was shunned and has been living as a transient ever since.

In his travels, he picked up some more ‘civilized’ skills from the larger towns and learned that his family name is his first name backwards. He deduced that he’s probably an orphan from that revelation but it didn’t bother him too much so he never followed that lead.

As of late, the voices of his dead game have become more and more hospitable, and it is bothering Belkas to a great extent that he has to eat all his new friends. Belkas has recently taken up adventuring in dungeoneering in the hopes to either meet the High Druid in hopes that they can stop the voices, or find a powerful artifact that adds all the nutrients and taste of red meat to vegetables so that Belkas doesn’t have to give up his favorite foods.

Belkas Sakleb

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