Kinich Zatec

A god who did not ascend into the heavens like the rest of the gods, fallen on hard times, only worshiper is himself.


Level; 1
Race; God (Refluffed Human)
Class; Stalwart
HP; 40/40
AC; 16
PD; 16
MD; 14
Recoveries; 8/8
Recovery Dice; 2d10 + 3
Init; 1

Str; 18
Dex; 8
Con; 16
Int; 8
Wis; 14
Cha; 14

Racial Traits
Quick to Fight (Roll Init twice, choose result)
Extra Feat


According to the legends of the Zatec, Kinich is the greatest god of them all; he was the one who led the Zatec’s ancestors to the promised land of Mezatec, he was the one who taught them the ways of the Zatec, the sun came up on his command, the skies obeyed his every order, the woods lived due to him. He was the one who built their great city of Mazatec. He was their glorious immortal king.

Mezatec is far to the west of the Dragon Empire, a valley surrounded by a great forest, and the Zatec lived in peace there, well apart from the wars they fought against their neighboring tribes in order to gain more land and to secure sacrifices. They secured their kingdom and lived in relative peace for several ages until in the 13th age, a plague came and killed 7/10ths of the Zatec, then the neighboring tribes/kingdoms decided ‘Hey this is the perfect time to wipe out the Zatec for ever’ and invaded, killing the other 3/10ths. Unfortunately for the invaders, they promptly got wiped out themselves by a combination of the plague and an angry god who was operating off the power of all the dying worshipers.

Kinich was left in a ruined kingdom surrounded by dead bodies and barely holding on to his life and powers, after all the only person who was worshiping him at the time was himself. He decided to travel east to find some new people to worship him and re-establish the civilization of Zatec.
He traveled far and wide and has only recently arrived in the Dragon Empire and has not yet found anybody to worship him.

Kinich is an arrogant, selfish god who wants to live. He would describe himself as one of the gods of good/light but others might call him a Dark God. Kinich looks after those who follow him and smites those who oppose him.

Conflicted Priestess is because Kinich reckons that getting into the Priestess’s good books would make it easier to gain more followers, but the bureaucracy surrounding her has foiled his every attempt. They don’t seem to look well on people who claim that the god they are applying is themselves. Also applying to be a dark god at the same time.

Positive Great Gold Wyrm is because Kinich is a champion against demons back in his homeland.

Negative Orc Lord is because Zatec (kingdom) use to face raids by orcs all the time over the course of its history, Kinich was Zatecs greatest protector against the orcs and so remains a steadfast enemy of them. Perhaps the plague that destroyed Zatec is a variation of the orc plague.

‘I Am The God Of The Sun And Skies’ 5 used for being a god, ie smiting people (with tiny bolts of lightning or rain), any divine magic, being more than mortal (in appropriate ways), acting like a god, possibly founding religions, being arrogant, etc. It comes from being a god.

‘(Former) God-King of Zatec’ 3 comes from background as the immortal god-king of Zatec. It is used for acting like a king, intrigue, running a kingdom, politics, building, being arrogant, remembering the history of Zatec, socializing as a noble/king/god-king.

‘Seasoned Traveler’ 2 comes from his travels across the world, going from Mezatec to the Dragon Empire, over several years (5+). It is used for traveling, dealing with obstacles on the paths, seeing if Kinich has encountered anything like [monster/magic/weird thing] over the course of his travels, socializing as a weary traveler/citizen, exploring, reading maps, etc.

Kinich Zatec

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