God of ??


Thog is the newest deity in the Dragon Empire. He had been trapped in a prison dimension for decades by his brother, Vark, who then tricked the village of Kragspire into worshiping him as a true God. Cut off from the world, Thog was completely unaware of this worship or the powers it granted him.

When our heroes came across his cabin in the wintery realm, they helped him to realize the full extent of his powers, freeing himself and the group from the prison. Thog took his revenge on his brother, Vark, leaving him to the harsh justice of Kragspire. He has now set off to reach Santa Cora, hoping the Priestess can help teach him to be a right and proper God.

As a demigod, he has some limited control of ice magics and a greatly extended life span, but not the true power or immortality of a full God. He has also yet to choose what virtues or vices he stands for as a God or what his domain will entail.



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